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Products for installation and maintenance of air-conditioners

  • Artiplastic Macos Srl is an Italian company that has been engaged in the manufacture of plastic components for installation of air conditioners since 1973. In its sales program, except PVC ducts and assembly equipment, there are pre-installation boxes for air conditioners, drain pipes, floor PVC carriers etc.

  • KME is a leading European industrial group which has for more than 100 years led the world's copper processing industry. KME is the largest processor of copper with a 30% share in Europe and 7% share in the global market. It is present in 5 continents with 14 production facilities. Its products are widely used in construction, refrigeration and air conditioning, solar heating, medical gas distribution, heating and plumbing, etc.

  • RECTORSEAL is a U.S. company that manufactures equipment for maintenance of air conditioning, heating and cooling systems and means for sealing pipe threading, brazing, heat absorption, bonding, connection and recovery.
    In their sales program you can find:
    o    o - means for treating compressor oil
    o – means for cleaning evaporators, condensers and air filters
    o - means for maintenance of drainage pans and condensate drainage lines


  • SAUERMANN was established in 1976 in France and is engaged in manufacturing pumps for condensate drainage for use in air conditioning, heating and cooling. It is ISO 9001-2000, AFAQ and TÜV certified. Sauermann products are present in over 40 countries worldwide.


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