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Air conditioner LG Standard Inverter Z12SL

Product ID: 20109050
<b>Supreme Energy Efficiency</b> - State of the art heat exchanger, air outlet, compressor, and inverter technology provide the world’s highest energy efficiency - energy consumption is reduced by up to 38%.
<b>BLDC fan motor</b> - With strong torque and powerful ND magnetism inside the rotor, the BLDC motor provides large air volume and high static pressure.
<b>Double protection filter (double filter)</b> - Double protection filter is easily removable, which makes cleaning of the filter and the entire air conditioner easier.
<b>Jet cool</b> - The optimized design of the air outlet provides strong airflow which cools the room temperature up to 5 degrees in just 5.6 minutes time.
<b>Quick and easy installation</b> - LG air conditioners are designed to be easier and more efficient to be installed, regardless of the surroundings and the number of persons involved in the installation process.

Product description

Technical details

Energy rate A+
Cooling capacity (kW) 3,5 (0,9-4,0)
Heating capacity (kW) 3,8 (0,9-5,1)
Refrigerant R410A
Power input (cooling) 1120
Power input (heating) 1040
seer 5,8
scop 3,8
Power supply (ph-V-Hz) 1-220-50
Noise level - indoor unit (dB(A)) hl. 20/25/33/39, gr. 28/33/39
Noise level - outdoor unit (dB(A)) 47
Net dimension - indoor unit - WxHxD (mm) 798x214x292
Net dimension - outdoor unit - WxHxD (mm) 717x230x483
Net weight - indoor unit (kg) 8,5
Net weight - outdoor unit (kg) 28
Piping size - liquid (inch(mm)) 1/4" (fi 6,35)
Piping size - gas (inch(mm)) 3/8" (fi 9,52)
Max. pipe lenght (m) 15 (min. 3)
Max. hight difference (m) 7
protokzrakaunutarnjaj. -
protokzrakavanjskaj. -
Static pressure (Pa) -
podrucjeradahl./gr°c -10~48 / -10~24
Guarantee 3 godine
razinazvucnesnageu.j. -
razinazvucnogtlakau.j. -
razinazvucnesnagev.j. -
razinazvucnogtlakav.j. -
tezinaunutarnjejediniceneto/bruto -
tezinavanjskejediniceneto/bruto -
minimalnaduljinacjevovoda -
razmaknosaca -
razinazvucnesnageu.j.unut/vanjska -
razinazvucnogtlakau.j.unut/vanjski -
tezinaunutarnjejediniceneto -
tezinavanjskejediniceneto -
podrucjeradagrijanjemin~max -
podrucjeradahl./gr°cunut./vanj -
razmaknosacavanjskejedinice -
opis -

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