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CSL - CSR is a group of the simplest Eurapo regulators without a room thermostat. CSL40 and CSR40 have a timer with which the working time of the fan is programmed.
CSL are ugradbeni models, and CSR are remote models. Both are used for manually choosing fan speed and turning the unit on/off.


CML - CMR are thermostats with which temperature, fan speed, turning the unit on/off, summer/winter, valves etc. are manually regulated.
You can choose between continuous operation and thermostatically managed operation of the fan.
Continuous operation - when a fan coil reaches the set temperature, the fan keeps working.
Thermostatically managed operation - the fan stops working when set temperature is reached.


CER - CEL are electronic regulators with a microprocessor. They offer the following regulating options:

  • selection of fan working mode (continuous, off, thermostatically  managed)
  • manual or automatic selection of fan speed (depending on the thermostat model)
  • managing the summer/winter switch
  • room temperature regulation
  • window contact - when a window opens, the fan coil stops working and vice versa
  • antifrost function
  • economy function
  • restriction of temperature range
  • LED indikator of operation
  • LED indicator of air filter cleanliness


Omnibus regulation automatically controls all main functions of a fan coil on its own or as a part of a centralized system connected via BUS. All data is stored on an electronic card and any possible failure is notified via e-mail. The electronic card can be managed with an infrared remote control (individual control  of each fan coil is possible) or analogously  (temperature, valve and summer/winter switch regulation). 128 electronic cards can be controlled through one server. Maximum capacity of Omnibus is 8×128 cards.
Omnibus offers a wide choice of personalization options in accordance with the investor's specific requests.


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