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Duct fan coils

Duct fan coils EURAPO type EBH (130-440), for installation in lowered ceiling, for two- and four-pipe systems.
Suitable for cooling and heating larger spaces due to their large dimensions.
EBH models have a large air flow (up to 4.000 m3/h) and external static pressure up to 250 Pa.
They are made of galvanized steel, with a three-speed engine and an F4 air filter (F5 filter is an option).
EBH models for cooling can have a 2-, 3- and 4-row exchanger, and only 2- and 3-row exchanger for heating. 
Electrical box is delivered separately, but is easily connected with attached connectors. 
Air plenums for air suction and exhaust, with connections or just a connection setup, are also available.

Capacity range:

cooling from  6,0 to 23,31 kW (water temp. 7/12°C) at max. speed
heating from 7,89 to 30,36 kW (water temp. 50°C) at max. speed


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